About Me

I like the web#


  • I use: Neovim, Arch Linux, tmux, zsh, KDE
  • Enjoy Using: Node (even for CLI apps), Express, SocketIO, D3, Phaser, Bootstrap, Hugo, Electron, Firebase, WASM
  • Like Learning: Rust, GLSL, Hardware Hacking

For anyone that is involved with the web this may not be a surprise, but I think that web is THE platform.

My name is Aryansh Malviya, but you can call me Romil :)

WASM, WebGL, WebGPU, WGPU, WebRTC, Tauri, Electron and more are all things I would love to work with and have projects lined up for these.

If you’ve got a project that involves porting a desktop app for the web then I’m always listening.

Other than those things, I’m pretty interested in image manipulation, game development, video effects and most things that involve any graphical shapeshifting of any sort.

That being said, for anything that is tooling, I’m more of a CLI guy myself.

As far as languages go, Rust is my crush but I haven’t gotten around to courting her yet ;)

Every so often, I open the book of shaders and increase my progress through it. It’s more of a 1 step forward and 2 steps back though, sadly.

As far as subjects go, perhaps unsurprisingly, I enjoy Math, History and Physics.

I know, it is probably an odd combo but strategy games go well with two of those things so you can see why that’s the case :V

I don’t really have a Discor\d (spambots stay out!) server to plug here, but hey, if you’d like, you can add me 4127157#0448 and maybe we can start one.

(I do want to make a bot for those, however, so if you have well documented code in JS or Rust for that then that’s sick and you must hit me up! :D )

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